SP Sustainable Forest Management Procurement Policy (SFM-PP)

SP Sustainable Forest Management Procurement Policy (SFM-PP)

As a biomass producer and global leader, SINGPELLET is committed to the responsible sourcing of wood fiber.

Our SFM-PP, Sustainable Forest Management Procurement Policy is part of our business model to ensure sustainability for the biomass industry.


SINGPELLET aims to conserve, protect and restore natural resources. Our long-term plan is to ensure that all timber used in the products that we purchase or specify is sourced from well-managed forests certified to credible certification standards. As a cornerstone of our commitment, SINGPELLET will pursue a SFM-PP to promote the development of markets for environmentally responsible biomass products. SINGPELLET fully supports responsible forest management practices that promote ecosystem sustainability, biodiversity and long-term environmental, social and economic benefits.

Toward these ends, SINGPELLET hereby establishes the following policy commitments:

  1. Legal Compliance

    Adhere to the legal laws within the geographies we operate.

  2. Certification

    Adhere to international certifications by sourcing raw materials from certified plantations.

  3. Corporate social responsibility

    Community engagement in planting and giving back to the community.

  4. Good Corporate Governance

    Observance of rules and practices for accountability.

  5. Transparency

    Assurance of fairness and transparency in processes and transactions.

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