SP Sustainability

SP Sustainability

"Discover a new green world. Not just for you but for the generations to come!"

Today, SINGPELLET continues to ensure the proper use of wood fiber waste through the manufacturing of value-adding and environmentally friendly products.

We recuperate and reuse woody waste to reduce land filling, slash-and-burn activities and promote clean air.

A deep sense of respect for the environment underpins SINGPELLET entire manufacturing process. Our environmental policy is based on the sustainable use of natural resources which is implemented with the health and well-being of our employees, customers and the community in mind.

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, our mission is to ensure that every step of our pellet production respects the precious resources of our planet: earth, water and air.

SINGPELLET is pioneering the use of agriculture-based fibers by investigating the use of other renewable fibers. Furthermore, we are test bedding SRC (Short Rotation Coppice), where fast growing wood species are planted to ensure a stable renewable fiber supply in a controlled environment.

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