About Us

About Us

"SP - Asia's Preferred Producer of Premuim Wood Pellets"

At SINGPELLET PTE LTD, we produce wood pellets that provide woody biomass to industrial-scale customers to serve the ASEAN market. With the aim to become a leading producer in Asia, our production facility is located in the heart of the timber industry in Sumatra. Singpellet has access to an excellent and abundant source of raw materials.

SINGPELLET has earned a reputation as an innovative company that supports eco-friendly power generation technologies.

A brand that is our most valuable asset that symbolizes our values and beliefs.

SINGPELLET’s industrial grade biomass wood pellets are a sustainable alternative for fossil fuels used in power facilities. SINGPELLET assists in reducing carbon footprint by setting renewable energy targets with a reliable supply of premium quality wood pellets.

As we set our sight on becoming the leading producer in Asia, we invest heavily in sustaining our feedstock security. We target to provide long-term supply to our clients from our vast 21,000Ha plantation. Our feedstock is selected from high quality raw materials.

As a producer of our own feedstock, a steady supply is ensured every time.

By choosing SINGPELLET, you are not just doing your part in reducing carbon emissions. You are casting a vote for sustainable forestry, and supporting forest management that preserves important forest wildlife by ensuring safe, healthy and fair conditions for the people working in the forest.

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